Changes and innovations in gambling legislation in the world

Legislation in the field of gambling and sports betting does not stand still, there are changes almost every month. As for the regulation of the cryptocurrency sphere, the events develop even more dynamically: many countries are now preparing the whole packages of laws that will regulate this area.

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What interesting and important things happened?

The first block of laws on cryptocurrencies in Russia is developed

 This block of laws clarifies the meaning of basic concepts. For example, cryptocurrencies are not recognized as a means of payment, and mining refers to entrepreneurial activity. As for taxes and mining, it is supposed to create separate blocks of laws in these areas.

Also, a block of laws establishes a limit on what a private investor can invest in cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Cryptocurrency advertising is prohibited

Promotion of cryptocurrencies and advertising of services that are associated with them has been banned by Facebook, the world's largest social network. As for the Russian VKontakte, so far there are no restrictions. But Yandex is actively struggling with the advertising of cryptocurrencies, although it is still far from the Chinese search engines: they do not even show users any sites where something like this is offered.

South Korean exchanges are not able to comply with the laws adopted by the authorities

Despite the fact that crypto exchanges fortunately have not been closed, some of them admitted that they can not operate because of the ban and stopped providing services for an indefinite period of time.

At the same time, the activity of other exchanges still continues, but they have to constantly experience pressure from the inspection authorities. Some companies think about moving their business to neighboring countries, where everything is not so strict.

Legalization of online gambling in Pennsylvania

The law was conceived as an opportunity to legalize gambling throughout the country, but so far it's only succeeded in individual Pennsylvania. And that's not to say that even in such a limited space things are going smoothly.

In order to fill the budget, the government allowed to place mini-casinos in other establishments, such as snack bars, bars and gas stations. However, this initiative met with great resistance from local authorities and municipalities.

Whether the state authorities will be able to "push" the law to the end and whether their example will become the basis for the legalization of online gambling in the United States, it is not clear yet. It is very possible that other states are looking at Pennsylvania and waiting to see what it will do and then draw their own conclusions.

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