Specializing in e-health and treatment solutions for care organizations and professional environments

Alcosystems is a Swedish medtech company specialized in e-health and alcohol monitoring solutions. Focusing on providing care through technology, we build and design innovative, safe and sustainable alcohol treatment & monitoring solutions.

Alcosystems creates solutions designed to suit the unique needs of different industries and business practices. Used by municipalities, recovery centers and private companies in North America, Europe and Asia, our products provide all types of organizations to provide quality care and monitoring through state-of-the-art technology with a human-centric approach.



Service plans

Alcosystems' solution

State-of-the-art hardware

The iBac Pro is a small, portable breathalyzer unit designed for remote testing. It operates on the same level of accuracy as law enforcement breathalyzers, works wirelessly via Bluetooth and uses a smart photo function to identify the correct user before testing.

Service plans – tailored industry solutions

Alcosystems Solution is based on three service plans (CarePLAN, FleetPLAN & CrewPLAN) each tailored to different types of operations. Plans include the Alcosystems Solution back-end system user interface through which administrators configure and monitor the testing process. The cloud-based solution works with both mobile (single option) and stationary (group option) devices. Read more on the contents of each plan on the Plan pages.

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Solutions tailored for your organization

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