Care Plan

Treatment and safety

CarePLAN is the choice for businesses such as treatment homes and forensic institutions that need supervision of their patients or interns and at the same time show support and care on the road to recovery.

CarePLAN is adapted to act as a support in the treatment process by ensuring the patient’s or the intern’s integrity and safety while providing the administrator with a variety of functions to offer the best possible care.

The road to recovery

With CarePLAN, treatment companies receive a comprehensive and flexible solution that provides the patient with the best possible conditions in the recovery process.



  • Random or scheduled tests
  • Single and group variant
  • Unlimited number of tests
  • Messaging
  • note Function
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Different admin roles
  • Free calibration of alcohol meters
  • iBac unit included ( during contract period )
  • iBAC Pro and iBAC Pro Group ( smartphone and desktop applications )


In order to help citizens who have been unlucky or poorly managed in life, public care operations need reliable and safe tools.
CarePLAN offers a comprehensive solution that is flexible and facilitates the work of the healthcare staff.

The path to recovery is based on trust between caregivers and carers. CarePLAN allows staff to control the patient’s sobriety in a non-intrusive and safe manner while offering support and advice from a distance, for example during leave or holidays.

Re-alignment with society can be difficult for interns with substance abuse problemsDuring the treatment process, the risk of relapse is always greater if alcohol is consumed, regardless of the type of abuse.Therefore, alcohol testing is necessary when the intern is on leave if the release conditions are to be met.CarePLAN offers a safe and secure solution with a smart test function that helps the recovery process and gives life a new chance


Single user option

The single user option is for remote testing in cases when the patient is not physically present at the recovery center, social services clinic or at the correctional facility due to leave, permission or holidays. The patient loans an iBac Pro unit and receives a signal on their smartphone Alcosystems Pro application when a test is due. The administrator can choose to schedule a time for a test or send a random call to test.

Hand out separate iBac Pro units to your patients. This small and portable unit is carried with the user and is connected wirelessly to the users smartphone via the smartphone application.

Group option

The group option is for tests on location. An iBac Pro unit is connected to a computer or tablet at the recovery center/clinic/correctional facility, making this the “testing station”. When the user is present, they go to the testing station to perform the test at a scheduled time. If the test is at a random time, the administrator sends a call to test via SMS to the user’s phone.

Connect a stationary device (PC, tablet) to a single Alcosystems Pro Unit. When testing is due, the user/patient needs to be at this stationary unit in order to perform a test.

Scheduled testing

When a recovery center patient goes on leave for a few days, they bring the Alcosystems Pro Unit with them (since a precondition for leave from recovery centers is proof of sobriety). If a pre-scheduled test is to take place at e.g. 8 am, the user has 1 hour to perform the test, otherwise, the administrator will be alerted.

Random testing

An administrator can choose to send a call to test at any given time to a patient on leave.


The administrator creates and handles user profiles.Two separate administrator levels (Super-Administrator, Administrator) allow for intact integrity and control of sensitive data. The levels can be adjusted according to the organization’s needs. All testing and profile data in the back-end system is saved and logged in the cloud. The super administrator(s) are the only ones with full access to all data.


The administrator can also create individual programs for each respective user to track test results over time, depending on whether the user should give scheduled or randomized tests. In the back-end configurations, the administrator can:

  • Confirm the identification of the user through colour-coded ID photo
  • Follow the testing procedure in real time
  • Communicate with the user via text chat
  • Receive test results and pertinent data in real time
  • Get compiled data about a user’s profile, test history, and development over time
  • Take notes on user mindset in connection with testing procedure for future reference (in order to provide better preventive measures)

Alcosystems Pro Units need occasional calibration to ensure optimal performance (after 500 tests or 1 year after the start of use, whichever comes first). Use our calibration support service to send the unit(s) to Alcosystems in order to have them calibrated. The service takes approximately 7 days after we receive your unit(s). Support is included in the service plans.


How to use CarePLAN in 5 steps

1. Test-like signal goes out to the application on the user’s smartphone

2. The user enters the application and connects his smartphone to the iBac Pro meter via Bluetooth

3. The user follows the instructions in the application and performs the test ( before the test is performed a photo is taken in the application which is sent to the administrator for identification )

4. Based on the administrator’s settings, the user can either:

(a) the test result directly in the application ( blood alcohol level ) ; or
(b) a message stating that the test has been completed

5. The administrator receives confirmation that the photo identification was correct and the test result.Only administrators with preset access can access this information.


A test is not reliable immediately after alcohol consumption.If the user has consumed alcohol before a test, he must rinse his mouth with water and wait at least 20 minutes before the test can be performed again, otherwise the result will be incorrect.

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