Solgläntans behandlingshem

Solgläntan is a recovery center in northern Sweden that treats young adult males between the ages of 17-25. They use Alcosystems solution as a supportive tool in their daily operations to make that sure that patients follow their sobriety standards when on leave.


Patrik Af Jochnick Karlsson, head of care at Solgläntan praises the digital functions of the Alcosystems Solution. Among them is the GPS function,

“it makes sure that the patient is at the predetermined location when performing the test”


and the ID colour coding function that visually identifies the patient before testing as well as,

“the result of the promille content (BAC) appears instantly for the administrator to see.”


Patrik also mentions that he believes Alcosystems solution to reduce the number of relapses for patients finding themselves in difficult life situations and that the solution has contributed real value to both the recovery center and its patients.