CarePLAN is the choice for organizations such as recovery centers and correctional facilities who need to monitor their patients or inmates while displaying care and support on the road to recovery.

CarePLAN is tailored to handle the patient’s or inmate’s recovery process in a safe way by ensuring their integrity and security while providing the administrator a range of functionalities to offer the best care possible.

  • Random & scheduled testing
  • Single & group options
  • Free number of tests
  • Messaging feature
  • Notes feature
  • Free number of users
  • Administration of roles
  • Free calibration of units
  • iBac unit included (during contract period)
  • iBac Pro & iBac Pro Group (smartphone and stationary unit applications)

For the workplace – help your employees take care of themselves and the work environment

CrewPLAN is the choice for the work environment, from the office to the construction site, allowing you to display care and support for your employees without being intrusive.

As most workplaces have first aid kits, CrewPLAN is a digital aid kit, functioning as a health benefit for the employees. HR-managers can choose to test company departments or offer anonymous testing to employees who suspect they may be in the sobriety danger zone.

  • Random tests for departments every month/quarter/six months/year
  • Group option
  • Self-help option – anonymous testing for individual employees (includes five iBac Pro units)
  • Anonymity is optional for both group and self-help options
  • Anonymous results on group level

For businesses with personnel on the road, on the rails or in the air – secure a safe and sober environment for your drivers

FleetPlan is the choice for all types of vehicle fleet operations such as cars, trucks, trains, airplanes and even bicycles – helping drivers handle their job with insight.

Used by fleet services, trucking companies, railroad companies and airlines, Alcosystems FleetPlan helps keep your drivers, passengers, cargo and the public safe through a state-of-the-art reliable monitoring solution.

  • Scheduled testing only
  • Single & group options
  • 20 or 40 tests per month/individual
  • Three administrators
  • Administration of roles