Safe driving

FleetPlan is the choice for all types of vehicle fleet operations such as cars, trucks, trains, airplanes and even bicycles – helping drivers handle their job with insight.

Used by fleet services, trucking companies, railroad companies and airlines, Alcosystems FleetPlan helps keep your drivers, passengers, cargo and the public safe through a state-of-the-art reliable monitoring solution.

Safety on the road, on the rails or in the air

A full range of monitoring functions allowing your drivers the optimal conditions to perform their job in a sober and safe manner.



  • Scheduled testing only
  • Single & group options
  • 20 or 40 tests per month/individual
  • Three administrators
  • Administration of roles


Any occupation involving driving a car entails potential safety concerns for both the driver and the public. Alcosystems FleetPLAN allows the administrator to easily schedule individual tests for drivers before they begin their workday.

While modern trains are more or less automated, they still require a driver that keeps track of the system. In a role that includes responsibility for passenger and commuter safety, FleetPLAN enables headquarters to monitor the sobriety of their drivers.

As the main actor in probably the most safety-sensitive vehicle industry, a sober pilot is something we take for granted. FleetPLAN allows the administrator to know whether the pilot was sober during the flight even if the test occurs mid-air – this is possible since the result is saved on the unit and gets logged in the system when back online.

Driving a large vehicle for long hours makes trucking a very hazardous occupation. With FleetPLAN, the administrator can schedule tests matching the driving schedule to monitor sobriety levels ahead of long drives.


Self-Help (single user) option

The person responsible for operating the vehicle receives an iBac Pro unit for remote testing. The administrator can choose to schedule testing according to the driving schedule so that the test is performed before, during or after operating the vehicle.

Testing time and results are saved in the iBac Pro unit even if the driver’s/operator’s/pilot’s smartphone is offline (for example if the pilot is scheduled to take a test mid-flight) and are saved on the back-end system when the phone is back online for the administrator to take part of the results.

Group user option

The group user option is for tests on location. An iBac Pro Group is connected to a computer or tablet at the driver’s/operator’s/pilot’s headquarters, making this the “testing station”. For scheduled tests, they need to be present at the testing station to perform the test.

Connect a stationary device (PC, tablet) to an iBac Pro unit. When testing is due (e.g. when the driver shows up in the morning for work,) the user needs to be at this stationary unit in order to perform a test.


The administrators create and handle user profiles. Two separate administrator levels (Super-Administrator, Administrator) allows for intact integrity and control of sensitive data. The levels can be adjusted according to the organization’s needs. All testing and profile data in the back-end system is saved and logged in the cloud. The super administrator(s) are the only ones with full access to all data.



Administrators create and handle user profiles. They can also create individual programs for each respective user in order to follow their progress. In the back-end configurations, the administrator can:

  • Confirm the identification of the user through colour-coded ID photo
  • Follow the testing procedure in real time
  • Communicate with the user via text chat
  • Receive test results and pertinent data in real time
  • Get compiled data about a user’s profile, test history, and development over time
  • Take notes on user mindset in connection with testing procedure for future reference (in order to provide better preventive measures)

Alcosystems Pro Units need occasional calibration to ensure optimal performance (after 500 tests or 1 year after purchase, whichever comes first.) Use our calibration support service to send the unit(s) to Alcosystems in order to have them calibrated. The service takes approximately 7 days after we receive your unit(s). Service support is optional in the FleetPLAN package.


How to use FleetPLAN in 5 steps

  1. User receives signal to test on their smartphone application
  2. User opens the iBac Pro Application on their smartphone and connects via Bluetooth to the iBac Pro Unit. If using the group solution, the user receives the call to test on their smartphone via SMS and must go to the testing station.
  3. User follows the instructions in the smartphone application (or stationary device application if a group option test) and performs test (photo ID verification is taken in the application before test to ensure that the right user is taking the test)
  4. Depending on the configurations decided by the administrator, the user receives:
    a) the rest result directly in the application (blood alcohol content level) or
    b) a message saying that the test has been completed
  5. The administrator receives confirmation that the photo ID was correct and the test result. Only authorized administrators have access to this information


Please note:

An accurate test cannot be performed directly after consuming alcohol. If the user has consumed alcohol before a test, he/she must rinse their mouth with water and wait at least 20 minutes before performing the test, otherwise, the result will be false.

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