On the shelves of beauty shops, you can find many types of tones.

If they are selected, the individual skin features should be taken into account. To facilitate the task of buying a "right tool", use the tips below. When searching for an ideal tone, it is necessary to be guided by the skin type, its tint, as well as density.


- For dry skin, a tool with air texture is suitable. In its composition, moisturizing and nutrient components must be present;

- With a fatty skin type, you should give preference to means with a matting effect. They differ from other dense consistency, vegetable extracts predominate in their composition. Simultaneously with the creation of the perfect tone, they treat the skin, eliminate it from oily shine and narrow pores;

- For sensitive skin, a hypoallergenic tonal agent is needed with a light texture;

- Any type of tone base is suitable for mixed skin. Select remedy with regard to obtaining the desired effect: a dense tone for masking significant flaws of the skin or light;

- For age leather, you need to choose a means with a pull-up effect. As a rule, in their composition there are collagen and particles of silicone, which help to cope with mimic wrinkles (fill them). Such cosmetics should not be acquired by women under 30 years old;

Proper Texture of the Tone - Pledge of Perfect Makeup

- The liquid tone is designed to make the skin shade perfect, passing it in terms of it. Due to its structure, it is weakly coping with the elimination of its flaws, so it is more suitable for skin without obvious problems.

- The solid tone is produced in the form of pencils and washes. A convenient packaging form helps to apply dotted. Ideal for handling small zones.

- The creamy tone copes perfectly with the masking of pigment spots and problem areas - in its composition the increased content of pigments and powder.

- Daily satellite cream allows you to hide traces of fatigue, moisturize the skin and make it velvet.

- Tonal powder cream perfectly blossoms skin flaws and takes little space in the handbag.

- Tonal powder is used as an independent means, as well as over the base. It is remarkably suitable for oily skin (eliminates it from shine), but applies in other cases.

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