If the image of a lady of easy behavior that does not know the measure is not your goal, forget about heavy auto markets. They, unfortunately or fortunately, not for you.

How to apply funds?

Immediately emphasize - applying funds takes time. And it is best to plunge into the procedure in the first half of the day when you have several free hours, i.e. on a weekend. For a start, come out using scrub, peeling. Watch the skin dry and wait about 30 minutes. Body, the skin must cool.

Now we proceed to applying the composition on the skin. You should cover the whole body to them, and if it is suitable for the face, then face with ears. Slowly, in no hurry, rub the mousse or lotion, starting with the legs and gradually moving up. To the tint of the skin on the back was more uniform and natural, ask the sister, girlfriend or husband (someone) about help. Pay attention to the areas of the knees, the armpits, elbow. In these places, the skin is specific. Apply to these areas you need a minimum of composition.

Space the hair pre-hair so that you do not get into lotion. Apply it on the neck, on the ears. To protect your hair on the face from the effects of the means and staining in a suspicious shade, pre-process your eyebrows and thin hair on the border with the scalp, bold cream. Then it must be washed.

So, everything is done. We are waiting for about two hours so that Mousse is completely absorbed and put on our skin the necessary impact. For this period of time, it is better to wear something easy, barely touching the body. Do not go to bed and especially sleep - get uneven staining. It is best to smoothly walk around the apartment, doing pleasant things.

Such an even complicated procedure should be repeated every day or every other day. Note that light creams are quick enough. To maintain persistent color you need to use them all the time.

For brown with peach leather

If you are the owner of blond or brown hair, you have peach leather, not dark, but not snow-white, you are ideal for all available tools. AutoGars in the form of creams, sprays, a variety of lotions, mousses, napkins, etc. and other are recommended. The cherished word on the package is "Medium" (Medium).

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