How to save the relationship, destroy transport on the River Thames, help Bella, execute Attaway.

We continue the fifth sequence. We will end up the topic associated with Miss Attauway, and completing the final mission, which, as always, the murder of the Templar.

Mission: research and development

Additional goals: do not kill police officers; Disconnect the two support machines

Another mission for Jacob. The starting point is the moving carriage, so you need to catch up and jump onto the roof to start the task. After the screensaver, go to a green icon, marked goal.

You have to free the meeting, which was caught by the police. When you get to the convoy, it is best to jump onto the roof and follow the wagons from above. Jump out on the cart with prisoners and run away. So it will go without a fight.

If you do not want to perform a side effect, just get rid of protection and free recovery.
When you leave, stop and open the carriage door. After the next scene you are on the train. Go ahead and jump into the train enemies. Now you need to go to other cars and find three chests along the way.

You can disconnect the two wagon behind to perform an additional goal. However, you must stay in the car that continues - do not butt. When you get to the last box, do not forget to disconnect the car in front of yourself to stay on the one you have disconnected. Go back to your train and join Ned to complete the mission.

Be careful not to accidentally stay on the wrong machine before turning off

Mission: Survive the strongest

Additional goals: not to get to the Thames; Destroy 2 smuggled transport at the same time

Once again in the main role of Jacob and again, the starting point of the mission may differ slightly from our card, because it is a moving carriage. After the screensaver, start crossing the river and jump on the ships. You can cross the bridge, but then you will reach the destination with the "worst" side.

There are not so many enemies here, you can handle it

When you get to the designated area, you do not need to sneak - there are no bonuses. Destroy a small group of enemies, and then disperse with explosions. Destroy the two standing next to each other, putting explosives between them.

Go to the third goal, destroy it and wait. Get to the goal after the screensaver. You do not need to rush here, although it will be easier. Use the rope to get to the roof of the wooden house, from there get to the bunker. You can kill the target going below.

The goal is best to jump from above

After eliminating the goal and the next scene, run away from the area, preferably across the river again. Then go to the specified place. In a marked building, log in to the window on the top floor and go a little further to start the next scene. When it is over, exit the window you got, and run beyond the limits of the designated area. För de som är kunniga inom spelande finns det många fördelar med att spela casino no-limit. Många utländska kasinon erbjuder generösa välkomstbonusar, återkommande bonusar och kampanjer. Till exempel kan välkomstbonusen fördubblas på din första insättning upp till 150 euro och 200 free spins un . Då inser de flesta att chanserna att vinna är större än om du, som i Sverige, bara får en dubbel insättning på upp till 100 kr och inga free spins. Återkommande bonusar kan vara free spins varje tisdag eller dubbla insättningar på fredagar.

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