Meditation youth
In order to be constantly attractive and beautiful to work a lot. This work is to use various cosmetics and creams, in a healthy lifestyle, in the correct diet, in permanent exercise. But, not always enough to implement all these tasks. It is in this case that a lot of help can have meditation.
Before starting this process, it is necessary to relax and feel your body. After that, you need to concentrate my attention on something "eternal". It can be a burning fire, a running wave or rain, monotonously knocking on asphalt. In order for consciousness to remain empty, you need to let all your thoughts. The breathing technique recommended for meditation should be observed. And most importantly, faith is necessary to obtain the desired result.
Before starting meditation, moral training is necessary. It is necessary to submit everything desired. It can be thick and healthy hair, smooth and clean skin, shining the happiness of the eye, a huge amount of energy in the body. That is, you need to imagine everything that will be motivated to carry out this process and its goal. There is even such a statement that youth is the state of the soul. The main rule for meditation is faith in the reality of what is happening.
The process itself consists of several stages. A horizontal position of the body will help completely relax. After closing the eye, you need to disconnect from the outside world. Speaking with simple words, you need to stop thinking about anything other than the task. No thoughts about everyday matters should distract from this process.
Then you need to mentally imagine a large green glade or a thick green forest, on which the rays of light are lowered. In the same picture there may be a falling waterfall under which a clean and transparent lake spread. In general, the picture, filled with natural beauty and harmony, should turn out.
Next, it is necessary to imagine that you are also in this beautiful place, come to the purest lake water and wash it all your body, including the face. You need to go into the water and plunge into it with your head. It is important that the feeling that the water is blends with you the whole negative, all negative energy. You can even imagine all this dirt in water flowing with you. It is done until the feeling of unity with himself will appear and with the surrounding nature.
After that, it is necessary to mentally imagine all of yourself and alternately correct everything we planned: to smoothly smooth out the wrinkles on the face and on the body, lengthen and make healthy hair, fluff out the eyelashes, to remove everything more superfluous in your figure, making it perfect. After a mental receipt of the desired result, you must feel happy, which will help get a positive result.
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