Agents FBI charged the next secret task, and they carefully fulfill it, paying special attention to each stage. At the moment, they need to find a witness who turned out to be drawn into a special operation. Searches for the FBI give the right results, they go to the trail of one very interesting man who does not remember anything about themselves, his past erased from memory. This stranger himself is confused, he wants to learn about himself a maximum of information, but until he does nothing at all, despite the efforts. <br />
<br />
After some time, this man begins to understand that he was the most ordinary and simple person who had a family and children, but for the reasons that were not clear until the reasons were lost in a moment. Perhaps this stranger would have found a way to truth much faster, but he constantly interfere with it. FBI employees watch each step, periodically ahead of them and not allowing the opportunity to find out the details about themselves. But not only the FBI is interested in a stranger, and the military from Russia is watching him. Apparently, this man had a past, this man was not the most prosperous, although it was quite possible that he turned out to be accidentally intergregated in this story. Can a guy restore his past and achieve justice towards himself, or will he have to hide from the unreasonable guests? <br /> Greitieji kreditai ir paskolos internetu

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Stefan Demirian

Serial entrepreneur


Miguel Arias

CTO. Innovator and entrepreneur, inventor of iBac patent family & multiply acclaimed entrepreneur.

Sebastian Karlsson

COO. Previously held a leadership position in Business Development at PwC and Canon.


Omid Ekhlasi

CCO. Responsible for communications at Serendipity Group.


Kamjar Hajabdolahi

Sendior advisor, Serial Entrepreneur, Partner and head of M&A at Serendipity Group.

Stefan Borg

President of the Swedish National Association against alcohol and narcotic addiction. Former director of operations at the Stockholm center of addicts.