It is very useful to hold such a procedure: cut the lemon in half (suitable and lime, and grapefruit). In both parts, immerse the nails of the right and left hand. Keep no more than 10 minutes in this state. It is also useful to wipe the nail plate for the night of citrus slickers. Currant or cranberry Fresh is also used to strengthen the surface.

An excellent means is a mixture of honey with egg yolk. This mask is better to do an hour before sleep, because the time of its components is 40 minutes. It will not only strengthen the nails, and give the skin of the fingers of velvety and elasticity. Ground burning red pepper is also able to give nails the strength of pepper. Connect the cream for hands with 1 tsp. Spices and spread the first phalange of the fingers with a thick layer. After 15 minutes, rinse with water.

Also well strengthens nails vegetable oil. Preheat and connect it with iodine and liquid vitamin A in equal shares. Immerse your fingers in the mixture for 15 minutes. At the end of the procedure, the residues of the fatty mass remove the tampon. It is not recommended to use water for two or three hours. Use this tool three times a week, and the result will not make long wait. Instead of iodine, you can use apple vinegar or lemon juice.

Preventive benefits are healing herbs. So the infusion of chamomile not only relieves inflammation, but also restores damaged areas, rosehip - the supplier of vital microelements, especially calcium, the hunter normalizes blood supply, thereby improves the nutrition of the nail plate, dryness is eliminated, the rowan is capable of neutralize toxins. Try to minimize your bad habits!

The problem of nail fragility may occur due to household chemicals. The advice here is one: when applying detergents, use rubber gloves, regularly apply protective creams. Also, the wrong manicure can cause the destruction of the nail plate. Do not use acetone-containing varnish fluid, do not paint nails often and in no case do not herole them.

Correct Nail Plate Processing

Proper processing of the nail plate will give it not only a flawless look, but also increase its strength. Weak nails should be cut as shorter as possible, but in no case is not under the root. Plastic (but not a metal, scratching surface) with a rainfall of the corners - so you will prevent the ability to cling and get a crack.

If the methods described above did not help, then visit the beauty salon. The beautician is likely to advise the medical gelatin (analogue of fish oil) containing vitamin D, calcium gel to restore the nail structure, and also offer a number of procedures. The most popular of them are hot wrapping of the nail plate with a mixture of wax with protein and aromaslas, as well as massage of the cuticle. 50 kr insättning casino

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