The problem of garbage disposal was seriously started to think in the last few decades. With modern innovations and the development of the chemical industry, new materials that decompose several hundred years have appeared.

Such material as glass can be degraded thousands of years. Consider the main types of garbage and problems with its disposal.

Garbage removal after construction work.

Exporting construction garbage is usually dealt with separately cleaning companies, or construction organizations. It is heavy enough and overall, therefore it does not fit into ordinary garbage tanks. All companies engaged in this type of services export this garbage to the common city dump. Sometimes bricks from disassembled buildings and fences are used for re-construction. The term decomposition of bricks is 100-00 years old, wooden parts without proper care can decompose in 10-15 years. Glass is almost not amenable to time, its fragments are not decomposed longer.

Food waste

Food waste is brought to tons daily on landfills of large cities. Organic waste is decomposed within a month of two, and various spoiled semi-finished products may decompose within three to four months.


Thin toilet and newspaper paper decomposes within two weeks, and office paper and cardboard for about three months. Paper is exported in conventional containers, offices, apartment buildings. In developed countries, most papers are used to recycle. It was enough to collect waste paper in Soviet times, propaganda was carried out. Nowadays there are many reception points of the waste paper, but in urban tanks you can watch piles of books and magazines, which are simply exported to the landfill. Workers dumps are trying to fill paper waste, so smoke pollutes the air and the whole environment. Re-processing would help to save many trees.


Plastic bottles are used everywhere - for drinks, milk, beer, detergents. Ecologically concerned that many plastic is thrown out in the world, and its decomposition occurs in 200-300 years. With the modern pace of production of plastic and containers from it, there may be a real ecological catastrophe after a decade. In our countries you can see special tanks that are intended for plastic. Separate garbage collection in the form of plastic implies its recycling, if not in the form of containers for food, then for the chemical and agricultural industry.


Metal, color and ordinary, most often accepted at the items of receiving the scrap metal, from where it is sent to the repeated melting. On this, it is even possible to earn quite well, because there are no problems with the waste of ordinary metal. Another thing is with aluminum cans from under beverages and beers, which are not accepted by reception, but they decide for 4-5 hundred years. Jag skulle råda dig som spelar på onlinecasinon att titta på eftersom casinot förtjänar att bli tittat på, han är en av ledarna för onlinecasinon som finns i allmänhet just nu, så jag säger att du ska gå till ett onlinecasino och försöka att åtminstone titta på honom utifrån.

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