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Rather, the question should be asked what is hoped for through forex trading and what goals are to be pursued. If you ask experienced traders how much capital makes sense for Forex trading, they will tell you that trading only makes sense with a minimum capital of 500 euros. It should not be forgotten that traders invest a lot of time. And speculating on rising and falling prices with a few cents is no fun.

Which financial products are tradable?

Not all financial products are suitable for trading with a small starting capital. Therefore, you should take a closer look at which trading options are available.

  •     Forex trading, i.e. trading between currencies, is already possible with a small starting capital. There are positions that can be opened with a few cents and thus without great risk. In addition, you can work with leverage to increase your profit. Sometimes 1 euro is sufficient as starting capital.
  •     Those who also want to look around in CFD trading in can do so with a small starting capital. Trading is over-the-counter and is conducted between the online broker and the trader. Trading CFDs is possible even with a very small starting capital. At the same time, leverage can be used just as with Forex trading. This has an effect on profit and loss. The value of a CFD is reflected on the stock exchange.
  •     Shares and ETFs are securities of companies, through which traders acquire shares. Profits and losses are the result of price fluctuations. In addition, the company pays out dividends. Since the prices of shares and ETFs vary, the capital also varies.
  •     Options and certificates can also be traded with a small capital investment of a few euros. They are among the most popular leverage products, especially among rather conservative investors. Options are already available for a few hundred euros. The starting capital should be at least 500 euros.
  •     For futures contracts, a larger financial leeway is needed, as the position sizes and the ticket value are set quite high. Futures trading only becomes worthwhile when a starting capital for futures trading of at least 5,000 euros is available in the real money account.

Reputable providers with small and large starting capital

If you are looking for a suitable online broker for Forex trading, you will quickly realise that the choice is very large. However, it should be ensured that the favoured provider is a reputable online broker with a low minimum deposit. This way, after verification, you can start trading in the world of Forex with little capital. Some online brokers require a minimum deposit of 100 or 200 euros. However, there are also some that do not require a minimum deposit. To get a further overview of the capital investment, you should also take a closer look at the costs and fees. Because there are also big differences.

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Opening an account and making a deposit

Once the right online broker for Forex trading has been found, opening an account is very easy. It only takes a few minutes to configure the account. To do this, traders enter some personal data and whether they have already gained experience in trading. Immediately after registering, traders have access to the free demo account without making a real money deposit.

Before trading with real money, traders have to verify themselves by uploading their identity document and proof of residence. If all documents are accepted, nothing stands in the way of forex trading with small capital. Capitalising the customer account with the broker is free of charge and can be done in real time. In many cases, various payment methods such as credit card, bank transfer, instant transfer and various e-wallets are available for this purpose. If any questions arise, you can contact the support team with confidence.

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