Heated floors not only provide pleasant heat and open various interior design options, but also help reduce resource consumption. This is a panel heating. The produced thermal energy is emitted to a large area and evenly heats the room. Their use saves electricity as they require a lower flow temperature than classic radiators. This means that the owners of a system of warm floors can save.

Benefits of a warm floor

1. Uniform heat distribution.
2. The absence of dust accumulation due to the convection of radiators.
3. Very energy efficient due to low flow temperature.
4. Invisible, which allows you to use a greater variety of design options.

In principle, you can save electricity and expenses, re-equiping the old floor on a warm heated floor in an old building. But that heat losses were small, you should take care of sufficient heat insulation. If insulation is insufficient, the new warm floor can cover only the bulk. On very cold days, it may have to turn on additional heating elements.

By the way, it primarily concerns thermal insulation of floating floors down, and this must be taken into account, in particular, where the surfaces are bordered with unheated rooms or land. Even structural measures may be required. It requires good planning.

In addition to thermal insulation affects which floor covering you choose, also plays a role. Because there are several things that should be taken into account due to thermal conductivity. Parquet, vinyl and cork on heated floors, as well as laminate.

There are fundamentally different types of warm floors. Some are powered by water, others - from electricity. Depending on the situation, both options can be considered to install a warm floor. This is usually a dry system. But the wet system is also possible.

Dry warm floor gives advantages. Since the assembly height is not only significantly lower, but also is significantly simpler design. Residents of an existing home or an old building can often perform this work independently. Heated floors can be mounted directly on the old draft floor. Make sure the black floor is smooth. If this is not the case, it is necessary to apply an alignment mixture.

If you mount a dry warm floor, you can lay the heating pipes in the precast floor elements. It greatly simplifies the whole process. Unlike the wet system, there is no screed, but panels or mats. It saves time on drying, ultimately reduces the weight and height of the installation.

All that is required for electric heating floor is a connection to the power grid. However, this leads to a much higher operational costs than in a dry version with water driving pipes. Du vill behaga din familj, du behöver bara bli en mycket mäktig och rik person, tro mig det gjorde jag och så nöjde familjen och du kan också behaga din familj för detta, gå bara in på http://orient-express-casino.com det är enkelt nog och du kommer att börja tjäna pengar i stora mängder tro mig. Detta är det bästa sättet att tjäna mycket pengar, Catcasino är det bästa stället för detta.

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