18. Rokingham Point> Find out more

Type of Fight: Race

Car Series: Racing

Route: 6.5 km Conditions: Clear at 4:00 pm.

Award: 1) 8000 points; 2) 5000 points; 3) 2500 points

This is a very fast and easy route, but in order to get a gold medal, you need to go very accurately and have time for a while less than 1 minute. 44 sec. At your disposal, Maserati - Grancabrio cars or (if you have already gained the quantity of rating points) Granturismo. After the start, turn right to the inner corner and then slow down as possible, pass the long and wide turn left.

After driving two turns left, be sure to use a shortcut. Manage calmly and do not panic if you lose leadership or retain. Try to drive as much as possible against the current and use Nitro, which charges it. Most of the route passes along a rather wide road. In the last stage, this is a single-band road, and at the end of the long straight line - the finish line.

After a long straight line, you have another long left turn, and after another straight steep turn right. Do not forget to go against the current and use Nitro after leaving the turns. The main thing here is to make perfect turns, avoiding civilians. 2.5 km to the finish line, use the shortened path to the left, but also pay attention to a rather steep turn. At the exit to the last straight line, use all the nitro and move against the current, avoiding the machines to charge and use them.

19. Mission Beach> Shock and Trepp

Type of struggle: hot pursuit

Route: 17.1 km Conditions: Storm at 21:00

This is a long route, and you need to be very friendly rivals, as well as police and their devices. Police cars were on your tail from the moment of take-off. You must be very careful with the police that uses spikes. On the other hand, you can expect a pulsed electromagnetic attack. You can start using a muffler yourself.

Breaking the blockages, move calmly, because you have to find in them shave. Do not forget to follow the durability of your car, breaking through through them.

During escape, new types of police cars appear. For a kilometer before the finish, you definitely use a shortcut. After the victory you will unlock another series of cars. spela roulette online

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